QUALITY ROOFING CONTRACTOR Mr. Zebrowski of American Quality Roofing, a Hollywood based roofing contractor, has been active over twenty six years in roof contracting of residential roofs. After having American Quality roofing at my residence to perform a roof repair, I can honestly state that the company was timely, professional, and the work performed was at a reasonable price.

Mr. Zebrowski is a seasoned roofing contractor who I picked to perform the roof repair after investigation of his qualifications. I highly recommend American Quality Roofing for all and any of your roofing needs. Sincerely, Peter Paragone


Roofing Contractor Hollywood Fl. American Quality Roofing stands behind their roof repair work I picked the co. because they have been a roofing contractor since 1984 and a good rating with the BBB . You will do well to use them for any of their services, Roof repair Roof contracting And roof inspections.

Testimonial #37

American quality roofing a+ contractor Mr. Zebrowski of American Quality Roofing called me back when he said he would and showed up when he said he would. I was very impressed!! we had a leak and he came the same day!! was fixed the next day. Very good roofing contractor.


When I noticed roof leaks I first spoke to a neighbor who had just had his roof replaced for a recommendation. His roofer was out of town but did recommend another roofer who he said could do the work. The roofer was busy and inspected the leaks 3 days after I had called. He went into the attic and did a though inspection. He could not give me an estimate of the cost at the time of the inspection but said he would email me the estimate which I received 2 days later. Not knowing what repairing roof leaks cost I wasn’t sure if the price was fair.

It seemed high to me so I called another roofer from the yellow pages who was in business many years. The second roofer came to inspect the same day I called but did not inspect because of lightning but came back the next morning. He did not go into the attic saying it was not necessary; he only looked at the interior ceiling stains and gave me an estimate that was almost twice what the original roofing company quoted. I then called some one I use for general house repairs.


The folks at American Quality Roofing are very responsive, calling us back in a matter of minutes after we submitted our request for help over the weekend! They showed up one time, were very professional and incredibly helpful. We needed a roofing mitigation report in order to help save money on our wind storm insurance, and they were very helpful in showing us what needed to get done. We would recommend them for any roofing work required.


I had a seasoned Roofing Contractor American Quality Roofing perform a complete condition Roof Inspection in Orlando FL, here @ G.S Auto Center. Bill gave me the best estimate to do the Roof Repair in Orlando. The work was timely, and when I had a leak that was covered warranty, Scott came to fix it .I recommend A.Q.R. to anyone who needs roofing repairs in Orlando Fl.