To date, the leak repair has worked. Despite many hard rains, there is no evidence of any leaking. When it comes to technical know-how regarding difficult and challenging roof repairs, this contractor is excellent. This contractor is also very good when comes to explaining to lay persons the nature of the defect and what it takes to obtain an effective repair. There is room for improvement when it comes to punctuality and responsiveness to administrative issues. However, if I ever encounter a roof repair issue, this contractor would be my first call. Only GOD keeps more accurate records, Pictures are not part of the package and we do A-LOT over and ABOVE the call of duty. Finally I Do appreciate the team- Roughness,however because the truth is for most of us it takes another set of eyes to check for accuracy of our own work as apposed to that of others good work habits and attitudes are subjective developing ways to cross-check work should be the SAME across the board