When I noticed roof leaks I first spoke to a neighbor who had just had his roof replaced for a recommendation. His roofer was out of town but did recommend another roofer who he said could do the work. The roofer was busy and inspected the leaks 3 days after I had called. He went into the attic and did a though inspection. He could not give me an estimate of the cost at the time of the inspection but said he would email me the estimate which I received 2 days later. Not knowing what repairing roof leaks cost I wasn’t sure if the price was fair.

It seemed high to me so I called another roofer from the yellow pages who was in business many years. The second roofer came to inspect the same day I called but did not inspect because of lightning but came back the next morning. He did not go into the attic saying it was not necessary; he only looked at the interior ceiling stains and gave me an estimate that was almost twice what the original roofing company quoted. I then called some one I use for general house repairs.