Barrel tile roof inspection and repairs. Photos of areas of concern were provided and communication with the two technicians was very informative. Highly professional. This was a good experience and they will definitely get called this time next year for an inspection.


Purchased the initial roof checkup to complete some sealing identified in house inspection when purchasing home last month. Added fixing a structural design problem that affected run off (identified to “monitor” in inspection). They deducted the initial deal from the cost of the additional repair which was even more helpful.
Rick was great. Took care of the resealing and inspected the design flaw. Turns out some shingle deterioration was evident, though no leakage. He proposed redirecting the area and increasing flashing/sealing with better shingle positioning in that area. Offered to come back right away – even worked on Saturday. Very pleasant and professional.


They were excellent. They came right away, when they said that they would. They gave me a quote and I bargained with them. He did the work and my brother was there to inspect. They took photos and showed him the damage. They came as a team and proved to my brother that they knew what they were doing. They spent the afternoon getting the work done and they also cleaned up after themselves. Overall, they were very accommodating and I am very pleased.


We had trouble finding roofers to repair the damage tile on our second story roof. One came out and saw the damage and didn’t respond with a quote. Plus they wouldn’t have anything to do with the facia damage. Another came, but he didn’t go on the roof to inspect the damage up close. Rick came the day he called. He went on the roof, and he inspected the damage. He inspected the entire roof and found a few slipped tiles and cracking around of the sealer around the skylight. He took pictures and showed them to us and discussed what exactly the repair would entail .

He gave us a quote immediately and said that due to another job they had nearby they would be able to come out early the next day and do the job. Rick and Scott returned the next morning, finished the job and explained the work done and showed us pictures of the finished work. We were very please with the whole experience.