They did a great job. He was able to use his phone to photograph those issues and explained to me exactly what that would mean for my roof. He was able to take care of it today. I was really pleased with the pricing and was also pleased with the professionalism of the job. I was pretty happy with them. He did the work in a timely manner.

He called me ahead of time. He was able to write me up a contract and go get supplies. I told him the issues that I was having ahead of time so he made sure he looked at those issues first before he started to do the inspection and he was able to give me an answer as to why I was having those issues. I thought he was very knowledgeable in telling me exactly what was going on. My sister would like to use him too.


Despite some challenges they were always responsive and made sure the repairs were completed to my satisfaction.


They did a roof inspection, went into the attic and photographed leaks and damage. They fixed the leaks which took some effort due to a poor job the last roofers did. They also fixed the leak on my screen porch’s flat roof, fairly new, which the screen porch company refused to repair. We have had heavy rains since the repairs and no sign of any leaks. They were on time and were very thorough. I would use them again.


Everything went very well from start to finish. Rick was very nice and explained the problem well. He gave a fair estimate and did the job accordingly. No surprises. Punctual, fair price, good job. American Quality. What more could you ask for.