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“When we realized our roof had storm damage our first thought was fear of cost. American Quality Roofing did a great job of easing our pain with a very affordable and professional job…”

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Roof Repair in Orlando, FL

American quality roof repair in Orlando, FL promises you:

Detailed professional roof repair in Orlando, FL on all commercial and industrial properties.

Quality workmanship at competitive prices for any required or desired repairs (free estimates provided). All work is performed in compliance with local building codes with appropriate guarantees.

It is prudent for the building owner to have routine roof maintenance performed on the roof at a minimum of once a year, preferably two times a year: spring and fall.

Routine roof maintenance including both roof membrane and flashings is recommended regardless of whether or not the roof is warranted.

Millions of dollars a year are spent on replacing roofs that may have had years of life left in them. Owners today recognize the importance of the investment they have made in protecting their building and its contents from damage, both regarding roof cost, its replacement value, interior furnishings, and stock.

Even though a manufacturer’s or contractor’s warranty was probably issued upon completion of your roofing project, the building owner continues to be responsible for proper roof care and maintenance.

Generally, roof systems are not designed for foot traffic other than that required for maintenance services performed by a trained professional. If regular foot traffic is planned for a roof, provisions should be made for a properly installed roof walkway system.


1. Protect the interior.
2. Remove excess water from the roof. Check roof drains and scupper boxes to be certain that they are functional. Excessive ponding on the roof may cause roof system damage, structural damage or even roof collapse.
3. Locate the source of the leak by locating the paint and roof above the leak in the building’s interior.
4. American Quality Roof Repair will perform the necessary repairs.

Once the source of a leak is located, the materials and procedures used to make the roof watertight will be determined by the roofing contractor. Let an expert take care of your roof inspection in Orlando, FL today.

Roof Leak Repair Orlando

Problem: De-bonded tile
Solution: Lift and install tile adhesive

Roof Repair Fort Lauderdale

Problem: Ponding
Solution: Coat with a heavy-bodied reflective coating

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